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February 2018
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Model Photos - Sascha Levi

There's something about a doe-eyed blond twink with Mick Jagger lips that makes you think he might be a good cocksucker. If nothing else, he'd probably look even hotter than he already is with those luscious lips wrapped around a fat cock. Can you imagine his eyes getting all teary as he tries to take a big one down his throat? Trust us when we say that Sascha Levi is as sexy alone as he is with a twink buddy. But for now, let's appreciate the adorable blond twink in all his beauty. Pretty, and smooth, with a big cock and a pretty pink hole willing and waiting to let you inside. Do you really need anything else? No, we thought not.
Model Photos - Sascha Levi

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Model Photos - Tommy Poulain in Pink Undies

Tommy Poulain is new to Twinks in Shorts but we've a feeling he's going to be a big hit with our members. Goodness knows he's already big where it counts! Interestingly enough, poulain means foal, which is a young horse. Rather appropriate when you consider the size of his cock! Tommy is friendly, down-to-earth, and possesses an ethereal quality that makes you feel he might be an angel sent to Earth to make it even more beautiful. He's an excellent friend to those who know him but he's an even better fuck buddy to those who express their love for him!
Model Photos - Tommy Poulain in Pink Undies

Justin White and Patrik Crumble

Tall, slender and pretty, Justin White sits playing with his phone while wearing a pair of skimpy black, white and green underwear. Patrik Crumble walks in, looking for a massage, and looking every bit as adorable as Justin. The two immediately take up their positions: Patrik on his belly, ass up, and Justin beside the table, getting his hands slippery with oil. What starts out as a legit massage soon turns erotic and playful with Patrik anxious to get his hands on Justin's cock while Justin sucks Patrik and gets him hard. But one good turn deserves another and soon, Patrik ends up with a mouth full of huge, fat, uncut cock, his pretty face and throat fucked by the almost angelic Justin and spewing a fresh, tasty load of jizz.
Justin White and Patrik Crumble

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Model Photos - Thomas Fiaty 4

There's simply not enough time to list Thomas Fiaty's attributes. So, instead of pointing out all the wonderful things about him, we'll leave you to linger in your fantasies as you gaze into the slender twink's eyes, salivate over his kissable lips and imagine what he must look like, just before shooting his load, if you were to finger his hole, lick his balls, fuck his yummy ass or suck his cock. See? No need to list his attributes because even if we did, you were only going to think deliciously pervy thoughts, weren't you?
Model Photos - Thomas Fiaty 4

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Model Photos - Ramos Sanchez in Yellow Undies

Dark-haired Ramos Sanchez is a bit fuller than your typical twink. In fact, Ramos straddles that fine border between twink and young hunk. Frankly, though, one look in those big brown eyes and you'll be lost in those pools of sexual desire. Sweet body, yummy cock and a lip-smacking ass that will make your tongue wag as you imagine lapping at that hairy, puckered entrance where few have gone. Up until you, that is.
Model Photos - Ramos Sanchez in Yellow Undies

Dan Rogers and Gordon Grant

After a long day of giving massages, blond muscle hunk Gordon Grant comes home to his boyfriend, Dan Rogers, another hunky blond eager to make Gordon feel better. And there's no better way to make your boyfriend feel better than by giving him a massage! Out comes the oil. Dan straddles Gordon, gets him all slippery, and gets to work. He rubs his hands up and down Gordon's back, along his spine, applying pressure. Then Gordon asks Dan to massage his butt. And what a fine butt it is! Round and meaty, with just the right amount of hairy, Gordon's ass makes the mouth water and the tongue wag. Gordon flips over on his back so Dan can do the front and suddenly, his moves become slower, more sensual. Soon, Gordon's big, uncut cock is nice and hard as Dan kneads, strokes, and massages the throbbing shaft. What starts off as a massage turns into a delicious blowjob, mutual cock sucking and a huge cum shot!
Dan Rogers and Gordon Grant

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Model Photos - Dan Rogers 1

Oh! Heart, be still. That was what one our staff members said when he first drank in the sight of Dan Rogers. This young man is a fine specimen, another that straddles the category of twink-young hunk. Blond and sleepy-eyed, Dan is a bit shy when you meet him but as you find common ground, he opens up. You'll soon realize that he's got a mischievous streak for pranking, especially in a group setting. But when it's just you and him, one-on-one, this smooth blond becomes like putty in your hands. Do to him what you will because we can guarantee that whatever nastiness you can think of, he's thinking worse!
Model Photos - Dan Rogers 1

Tommy Poulain and Lewis Bright

If you're into twink-on-twink blowjobs, you'll enjoy slender, tattooed hottie Tommy Poulain and Lewis Bright. Tommy needs some cock and he's willing to do anything to get it. After inviting Lewis over for a massage, Tommy gets to work. His hands are slippery with oil as he massages the handsome, uncut and slender Lewis. But massaging the twink isn't enough. Tommy is soon stripped down and he has Lewis out of his red undies as well. Then, with his appetite greatly magnified, Tommy starts sucking. He enjoys that big cock in his mouth and sucks as if his life depended on it. But now that we think about it, didn't Tommy have a boyfriend? Tsk, tsk.
Tommy Poulain and Lewis Bright

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Model Photos - Jay Sheen - Outdoors

Coming 02/26/2018

Another shy young man, Jay Sheen quickly became a member favorite at Twinks in Shorts. Perhaps it's that sweet and innocent look. Or perhaps it's the bedroom eyes, promising magic and sensuality in a single touch. Whatever the reason, Jay is quick to smile, easy to make laugh and, more importantly, he LOVES a good massage. So, if you have big hands -- or a big cock -- make sure you warm them up, get some oil, and slather it on because the moment you apply pressure on this slender hottie, he'll open to you like a budding flower.
Model Photos - Jay Sheen - Outdoors

Justin White and Tito Amato

Coming 02/26/2018

You've heard the old rhyme: rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub? Well, how about two men in a tub? Okay, not men per se but one sexy hung and uncut hunk and a tall, slender twink-like hottie with a big fat cock? That's exactly what you'll get with Justin White and Tito Amato. Tattooed Tito, sporting a goatee, looks dark and sexually sinister. He's horny as fuck as he lathers up in a roman-style tub, working himself up and getting hard. When Justin walks in, dressed in a see-through outfit, how can he resist getting in the tub, clothes and all? The two start making out and jerking off, moving to mutual cock sucking and ball worship that will have your juices flowing! Bet you want to jump in a tub now, don't you?
Justin White and Tito Amato

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